Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer is here

I can't believe how fast summer has come. It seems like just yesterday I was wondering when my flowers would start growing, and when I could plant vegetables. It seemed like the end of the school year was a long ways off. And it seemed like forever until my daughter would be coming home for her vacation.
All of a sudden I have potato, onions, tomato, pepper, cucumber and bean plants growing in my garden. Tonight I picked a bowl full of strawberries. The flowers are blooming, and the kids are out of school. Best of all, my daughter will be home a week from tonight.
How do I get time to slow down? I'm afraid that the two weeks she's home will go by too quickly. In a blink of the eye summer will be over, all the vegetables will have been picked (and eaten) the nights will be longer and another school year will have begun.
I guess the best thing to do is to enjoy each day as it comes. I will thank God each morning for the new day. I will thank Him as I work in my garden. I will enjoy my daughter's visit, time with friends and family at the cabin, the peacefulness of my school office, and the beautiful sunsets. I will thank God for each and every blessing and each and every day.

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