Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I spent a good bit of this evening at a cell phone store, talking with the sales person about a new phone. I was looking for a phone I could use to call Carrie in Guatemala and/or a phone that would have access to the internet. My sales person (a woman) was so helpful. She took time with me, asking what I wanted to use it for, and how comfortable I would be with the different features. Was I okay with a touch screen? Did I want one whose camera had a lot of pixels? Did I need a GPS system? Did I want a key pad?

Cell phones have really come a long way from just being a phone. Now you can use it to manage your calendar, read your emails, surf the web, take pictures, find your way, send a text message, and much more.... not to mention making phone calls. It is really amazing. Some phones can even act as a modem for your computer, creating a wireless network.

Think about how we have become so used to instant communication. We don't need for a friend to get home and listen to our voicemail message before calling us back. We can talk to them where ever they are- in the same town or half way across the world. Think back - before the days of answering machines. We could only talk to someone on the phone if they were there to get the call. Think even farther back - before phones were invented. People had to either go to where the other person was and talk in person, or write a letter. We would have a hard time today if our phones didn't work.

Isn't it great that we don't need a cell phone to talk to God? And the way we communicate with Him today is the same as 2000 years ago. We pray. And God promises to listen every time we pray. We don't need to leave a message or send a text. We don't need to write a letter or send a telegram. We just need to pray.

PS- I did get a new phone tonight!

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