Monday, August 30, 2010

Stairway to Heaven

For the last five years we have been using this stairway in our cabin.

It was built when we put on our addition and was only supposed to be temporary. The stairs are located just inside the main entrance to our cabin. We always envisioned a nice welcoming entry with stairs that beckon you to go up and find out what's at the top. We thought that maybe we could build our own stairs, but we have so many other projects to finish we kept putting it off.

This summer we found out that our neighbor's dad builds stairways.
We hired him to build a nice staircase. The staircase we have been dreaming of and planning for the last five years.
Two weeks ago he picked up the lumber and headed up north............

and when we got the the cabin this past weekend the stairs were finished. The carpenter built them, but left the staining and painting for us. While we had a few tense moments during the last two weeks,trying to put our hopes and dreams into words so that he could build the stairs we wanted, and trying to put together our vision with his vision, our stairs are finished and they are beautiful.

We spent the weekend staining the stair treads (the part you walk on) and then added a coat of sanding sealer. Since we still have to finish the walls in the family room upstairs, we won't put the final coats of polyeurethane on until later. We also need to paint the risers and the skirtboards, but that's another future project.

We love our new stairs!

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Caeb said...

They look really nice Mom!