Monday, September 20, 2010

It's Time to Get Serious

About 6 years ago I worked really hard to lose weight, and I was successful. I lost about 25 pounds - but I had to walk/run on the treadmill every day, completely swear off pop and desserts, and cut my portions almost in half. I remember how good it felt to be thinner. I had more energy and more self confidence.

However, even though I had made good eating and exercising habits, it was hard to maintain them. I got a new job as the school secretary which left less free time for exercising. I was also sitting more with the job. Then two years later Craig went back on the road, and I was home alone all week. It's so hard to cook healthy for just one. And even more than that, it's hard not to use food for comfort.
The final straw was menopause. I did not realize how that would change my metabolism, and increase the weight gain.

This fall I have realized that I can not go on this way. I do not like the way I look. I do not want to keep gaining weight. I need to exercise more and eat less. And so last week I began. I did not drink any pop during the week. I substituted water. I also began walking.
I remember from last time just how hard the first few weeks are. So I need a bit of encouragement. If you have any tips for me, please leave me a comment. Maybe you want to lose some weight too. Let me know and we can encourage each other. And please pray for me as I begin to discipline my body. My goal is to lose 20 pounds, but even more than that I just want to take better care of myself and feel good about myself.


Miss Carrie said...

1. Only eat when you are truly hungry. Don't eat out of habit or boredom.

2. Keep fruit and veggies cut and available in the fridge.

3. Don't feel like you need to finish your entire plate (this is a big one for me. I hate to waste things!)

4. If something is a temptation, simply don't keep it in the house. Then you can't eat it. (I love chocolate, but I never have it at my place, and I don't have a car to go buy it - so then I eat less!)

Stephanie Balvin said...

Have a 1 cheat day! 1 day in the week can be the day you don't have to count calories, and you can rest! It gives you something to look forward to and work towards.

Find an accountability friend. Someone that you can walk with, or walk on the treadmill and talk with on the phone, or ride share to the gym with. If you know someone else if counting on you, it's harder to say no.

Set mini goals and bigger rewarding goals- shopping or pedicures or whatever can motivate you- that's all that keeps me on the boring treadmill! :)

kris said...

Thanks for the ideas! I'm going to try them.