Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Highlights of Christmas Vacation

As I look back at the last two weeks, there are several highlights that immediately come to my mind:
1) Christmas shopping on December 23 with Carrie and Mardo. We stopped at Panera for lunch. I had told Carrie and Mardo that I was going to relax and enjoy my lunch. Mardo thought that meant that we would sit and relax for a while after we were done eating... but I had more shopping to get done :)

2)Christmas Eve - everyone helped clean the house...Mardo swept the floors, Carrie and I cleaned bathrooms, and Craig vaccuumed. We all helped pick up, put away, cook, wrap presents, etc. It was actually fun working together.

2)Christmas Eve - playing Sequence with Craig, Carrie, Mardo, Aaron and Jeff.

3)Christmas Day - the family was all together...we had a great Italian lunch...and then we read the Christmas story together. We talked about what gifts we could give Jesus this year. Carrie gave each person a paper star on which they drew a picture or put a sticker to symbolize their gift to Jesus. As we hung our stars on our Christmas tree we shared what our gift was going to be. Even our grandchildren participated. It was so awesome to spend time on the true meaning of Christmas - JESUS. After that we shared our love for one another by exchanging gifts.

4)Sleeping in until 7:45 AM. It was so nice to walk Percy in the daylight.

5)Crafting with Carrie. We decorated candles and picture frames, and we made flower headbands. We began organizing my craft room. It was fun trying to figure out how to do things, what colors to put together, etc. The only part that wasn't fun was burning our fingers on the hot glue :(

6) Family, family family! The best part of my Christmas vacation was being with my wonderful husband, children (including my daughter-in-law, and including my daughter's boyfriend) and grandchildren.

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Carrie said...

It is fun remembering these things! :)