Thursday, February 24, 2011

Too busy with DIY

For the last month Carrie and I have been having lots of fun with several DIY projects. I promise I will post some pictures soon...but for now I just want to mention that I have also been having fun reading blogs of other DIYers. One blog I just found today is love of family and home . They have some absolutely gorgeous pillows for sale on their etsy site. I can't wait to get back and read more of their blog.
Another one of my favorites right now is Young House Love. They are inspiring me to redo some of the rooms in my house, as well as try new projects for finishing the cabin. They give me the courage to change and to try new things.
Maybe it's just this long winter that makes me want to work on making the inside of my house beautiful - since it's so very white outside!
If you need inspiration, check out these sites. They will start you on a journey to discover more and more wonderful bloggers, people who are creating, decorating, thrift shopping and remaking all kinds of projects. Enjoy!

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Tonya said...

Thanks for the shout out on your blog! I really appreciate it!! Its so nice to meet you! That is one of the best things about meet & get to network with so many great & wonderful people!!