Wednesday, April 27, 2011

ABCs I Adore

It's time to write about J, K and L and things I adore.
Last weekend was Easter, and we spent a lot of time thinking about the gift of eternal life we were given because Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose again. So J is for Jesus. He is my friend, my shepherd, my advocate before the Father, my teacher, my Saviour. As I spend more time memorizing Scripture I am learning more about Jesus and my soul rejoices within me. It really does!
K is a bit harder. When my boys were growing up they might have said that they love Ketchup - we went through bottles and bottles of the stuff. But I think I will say that I adore kisses. I remember those soft little baby kisses when the kids were tiny and they'd softly press their little lips to my cheek. I've gotten some wet doggy kisses from our dogs over the years - and now from Percy. I love the kisses get from Craig when he comes home from a week on the road. And I can't move on without mentioning Hershey's Kisses. My favorite is the dark chocolate kisses!
The letter L has to stand for Library. My mom was a children's librarian. We always had lots of books around, and she instilled a love of reading in me. I loved going to work with her, and my first job in high school was as a shelver in a public library. I recently visited the new Maple Grove library and I was so disappointed. It just not feel or look like a comfortable place to settle in after finding a good book. I'llhave to find another library to go to from now on.
So those are my ABC favorites for this week. What are your favorites for J, K and L?

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