Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good food, good times

Craig is home and we're having fun cooking together. Here's what we had for meals today:
Breakfast - raspberry pancakes

I used Hungry Jack pancake mix but mixed some raspberry jam into the batter. I made the batter kind of thin because we like thin pancakes. They turned out super good!

Lunch: Craig had a grilled salmon salad sandwich- his own concoction. He started with a can of salmon, mixed in mayo that has olive oil in it, added onions, pickles, and green olives. He put that on our electric fry pan to make a kind of salmon pattie. It browned nicely and got a crisp outside. While it was cooking he buttered a hamburger bun, put the salmon pattie on, added spinach leaves and pepperjack cheese. He loved it.
I made myself a grilled tuna sandwich - since I'm not a big salmon fan.

Supper: country pork ribs from the crockpot, hash browns with onions, grilled asparagus, and french baguette bread right out of the oven.
For the ribs I bought country pork ribs. I put them in the crock pot this morning along with 1/2 onion (chopped) and 4 cloves of garlic. I poured Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce all over, and turned on the crock pot. The ribs simmered all day, and the meat fell off the bones. It was sooooo good!
We cooked the asparagus under the broiler. First I washed the asparagus and cut about 1/2 inch off the bottoms. Then I laid them on a cookie sheet and brushed them with olive oil. Next I sprinkled them with garlic pepper. Craig added some Garlic Garlic (from Tastefully Simple) to make sure there was enough garlic! We put them in the oven on the top shelf and broiled them, turning often, until they started to brown and they were tender.

For dessert we split a piece of apple pie. What great meals today and it was fun to cook together. Our kitchen is kind of small for two cooks, so we kind of dance around one another. Percy came often to see what we were doing and to clean up any crumbs.
I can't wait till tomorrow to do some more cooking together. We're having the kids over for burgers on the grill and cheesy hashbrowns.
What's your favorite meal to make?
97. Seeing an eagle in the sky on the way home from work
98. BLT's for supper
99. kettle chips
100. A snow day = no school
101. Electricity
102. soft chocolate chip cookies
103. The ability to memorize Scripture
104. Being able to stay in my warm fuzzy robe all morning.

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