Monday, May 16, 2011

ABCs I Adore

M, N, and O. What things do you like that start with these letters?M is for music. I like lots of kinds of music - classical, classic country, piano, male quartets, show tunes, Christian contemporary and hymns. It amazes me that people can write such beautiful music and that new tunes continue to be written. How do composers write all the parts for a song? I recently bought an ipod, and now I can enjoy my favorite tunes no matter where I go. It's awesome!
I love looking at the night sky, especially when I'm up at the cabin. It is so beautiful, it is so vast and the stars are so plentiful that it would be hard to count them. I have never liked night time: when I was growing up I told me mom that sleeping was a waste of time. As I have gotten older I have come to appreciate night time as a time of rest, and I love the beauty of the moonlight, the twinkling stars, and the Milky Way. Another N word that just has to be listed here is neighbor. We have a great neighborhood, friends who are there to help each other. I feel so safe when Craig is gone because I know my neighbors are watching out for me.
O is for orange pineapple juice. I love to have it on the rocks. I would also love to live by the ocean. Each time I have visited my relatives in Bellingham, WA I have spent time on the beach watching the ocean waves, checking out tide pools, and listening to the special sounds of the ocean.
I'm over half way through the alphabet. It's fun to think about my favorite things in this way, and I am thankful to God, the magnificent Creator that He is, for giving me so many wonderful things to enjoy.

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