Thursday, May 19, 2011

Great recipe

I found a dessert recipe over at Joy's Hope that was so easy to make, and everyone at work absolutely loved it. The recipe was for mini tarts, using sugar cookie dough for the crusts, and CoolWhip and cream cheese for filling. You can get the recipe and see pictures here. I did make one small change - I added a drop of vanilla to the filling. A friend suggested adding almond flavoring instead of vanilla, and that sounds yummy too.
So, if you want to make a dessert that looks like a million bucks and tastes great, but is acutally simple to make, try these fruit tarts.
More from my lists of 1000 gifts:
105. The smell of freshly cut grass
106. Putting the dock in the water announces the arrival of spring, and the promise of summer
107. my beautiful daughter, on her wedding day, who absolutely sparkled with happiness
108. 8 hours of sleep just makes me ready for the new day
109. our new fence; seeing Percy enjoy the freedom to run and explore without having to worry about him running away
110. sunshine after a week of clouds. The sky looks just so blue!
111. new friends


Carrie said...

Those are so cute, and they sound delicious. Too bad I've never seen Cool Whip in Guatemala.

Julie @ Joy's Hope said...

I love almond flavoring. Totally going to try that next time!