Friday, May 20, 2011

Five Minute Friday - When Seasons Change

It's time to write for five minutes - no editing, just putting thoughts to print.
So here goes....
When Seasons Change

Last night I went to my grandson's baseball game. I watched my son coach the team, encouraging the boys, pitching to the team, and picking up equipment afterwards. I watched my grandson play pitcher, and later first base, catching everything thrown to him, hitting the ball way into the outfield, arguing about calls, totally into the game. While the game was going on I also watched my younger grandson - picking dandelions, playing by the bench with the extra equipment, drinking his brother's gatorade. I watched the other parents sitting on the bleachers, cheering on their boys, pushing babies in strollers, and visiting with each other.
I remembered years of baseball when I was the mom - with a child on the field, and others playing nearby. I remember, as if it was yesterday, trying to watch and remember each play my son made, while also keeping tabs on the other 3, and also visiting with friends. I remember helping my husband make up the batting order when he coached our kids, bringing snacks for the team, keeping score during the game, and praising my kids for all the great things they did.
How the seasons change... now I'm the grandma, enjoying the game but somehow removed from the action. And I miss it! But I know that I need to enjoy this new season - a bit slower paced, with time to just enjoy my grandchildren instead of all the busyness of schedules, clothes, meals, practices, and responsibilities of being a parent. And so I will embrace this new season!!

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Carrie said...

I love the way you wrote about all the details, I can picture the baseball game in my head.

Wish I could have been there!