Thursday, June 16, 2011

The First Week of Summer

As I walk the quiet halls of school I realize that time goes by too quickly. Another school year is complete. Students and staff are off to their summer activities. And I have to admit that I feel left behind.
I remember this feeling from last year. And, thankfully, I remember that this first week of summer is always hard. It's hard to adjust to a new routine-  getting up earlier to go to work, being by myself most of the day at work, and a slower pace.
I realize just now that part of the problem is that I'm alone at home in the evenings. So the days seem long when I'm alone at work. I miss the conversations with other staff during the day. I miss having students and parents coming and going through the office.
I know from past years that it takes at least a week to settle in, to find a new rhythm. I know that eventually I will come to a place where I am content with my days... and then a few weeks later school will start again and the noise and bustle around me will take some getting used to.
I remember when the kids were little, and they would be out of school for the summer. It would take them time to adjust to the new schedule too. They would be bored for the first week - because they didn't have someone (the teacher) organising their day or talking to them a lot.
So I need to be patient. I need to just make it through the first week or two and let myself adjust. I need to plan times to be with others, and time to just slow down and be with God. I need to be thankful for the summer, and remember that fall will come so quickly I will wonder just where the summer went.

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