Friday, June 17, 2011

Being Creative

Last night I went to Susan's house for a Stamp-A-Stack class. It was a wonderful evening of stamping cards. Susan and some other demonstrators had all the cardstock precut and packaged. They had stations for each card, and had examples of each step along the way to creating beautiful cards. When I left I took with me 15 cards that I had made. Here they are:

It was such a fun evening, made even better when I met a friend there that I didn't know was going to be there. We had fun making cards together, and talking about our families, etc.
I am inspired to go home and make more cards using these fun new patterns.


Carrie said...

Cute, I love the thank you one and the last flower one.

Did you really make 15? WOW! Did you make multiple cards of these patterns or 15 different ones?

kris said...

I made 3 of each pattern. I changed some of the sayings - for example, on the tree one I made one that said Wonderful Husband and one that said Wonderful Son. My favorite was the birthday one with flowers on it. But I liked the ones you mentioned too. I think my least favorite is the one with the anchor.