Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall at the cabin

"Where are the kids when we need them?"

Here's how we got rid of the leaves this year. We raked them into piles, hauled them with the wheelbarrow to the trailer, loaded the trailer, and hauled the leaves to the yard waste site down the road.

We have been raking leaves every fall since we've been married. When we lived on the farm, and the kids were growing up, we raked the leaves onto big tarps and pulled the tarps into the field to dump the leaves. The kids did not like helping, and I'm sure they vowed not to have any trees in their yards when they grew up. It was a very big job.
Now we have a small yard at home, with few trees since it's a newer development. Our yard here at the cabin is smaller too. Some years we've used a leaf blower to blow the leaves into the woods, but this year Craig thought we should haul them away. His system worked pretty good, and the yard looks great!

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Carrie said...

Quite the system - and yes, I hated helping with that! haha