Sunday, November 13, 2011

Craft Room Update

Remember what my craft room looked like at the beginning of last week?

Craig and I stayed home this weekend and we made some progress.
We actually had a very productive weekend overall.  We:
  • cleaned the garage
  • put up some Christmas lights (more about that later!)
  • watered our trees (it's been such a dry fall- we thought our trees needed a good drink of water)
  • washed windows
  • dropped off things at Goodwill
  • and - we worked on my craft room!
Earlier in the week I had cleared off the white table and put it away in the garage, and we moved in the new dresser. So yesterday we moved the desk downstairs, and took out the bed. Then we took off for Home Depot and Menards to check out supplies for my new work space. We ended up buying cabinets from Home Depot because their cabinets had the nice maple veneer on the insides, and they were 20% off.  The depth of the cabinets is 24 inches, so I wanted a top that is 26 inches deep and 80 inches long. We talked to sales people at both stores about what materials we could use for the top. We could have bought a piece of granite - for $269. We looked at laminate countertops, but they had a backsplash, and I thought it would make my workspace look too much like a kitchen counter. So, we decided on a solid core door, which would be inexpensive but nice for a work surface. Menards didn't have any in stock, so we bought that at Home Depot as well. They didn't stock a 26 x 80 inch door, but they were willing to cut down a 30 inch door for me. And the door was only $22!

So here's what the room looks like now:

There was room for a bookcase. Hurray!

Here's my dresser! There are 5 nice wide drawers. I might need to add handles to the lower drawers eventually. But don't these two pieces look nice together? I am thinking of adding casters to the little cabinet, so I can move it over by my new work top when I am using it.

Isn't this cool? I am so excited! The next step will be to finish off these surfaces. The sides and the toe kicks are just made out of pressed board, so we are going to cover it up with beadboard paneling. I plan to paint the base cabinets black, and stain and seal the top using a light colored wood stain.
I also need to go shopping for a stool, since this surface is higher than a desk.  And I will need a work light - maybe on that mounts on the wall.
I am loving the new look of my craft room, and can't wait to start being creative in there!

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Carrie said...

Wow, such great progress! I love how the desk is coming together!!

When I get home, Project: Closet is happening! :)