Monday, January 23, 2012

God is the conductor - we are the musicians

In our devotions yesterday Craig and I read about how God sometimes wants us to rest. He may say "no" or "wait" to a prayer. He may allow a disappointment or an illness to slow us down. The author of the devotional compared it to a rest in music. He talked about how musicians need to rest at times during a musical piece to allow others to be heard or for the music to sound right. The musician does not turn his back on the music, but counts out the beats until he can play again.

Craig and I took this illustration even further. When God is the conductor we need to be watching Him to now when to play our music, what the beat will be, how loud to play, and how long to rest. If we are looking around as we rest, or sitting with our eyes closed, or fiddling with something else, we will not see Him point to us to begin playing again.

Rests are important. They give us energy to begin again. They allow others to take the lead for a time. They keep the right notes together. But let's be careful while we rest that we keep our eyes on our conductor so that when He turns to direct us we are ready to follow His lead.

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