Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Gallery Wall

Every time I saw a picture of a gallery wall on someone's blog I dreamed of having one.
I tried to figure out where I could have one. I started collecting frames. I thought about what kind of pictures I wanted to include in my gallery wall. And,I kept looking at pictures of gallery walls online.

Someday I want to put together a gallery wall at the cabin - pictures of the cabin then and now, pictures of friends and family who have visited the cabin, etc. But before I can have a gallery wall there the walls need to be finished!

I did find a place for a gallery wall at home, however. I began with just a couple of pictures of my grandchildren. Tonight I finally put up all the things I have been gathering for this family themed gallery wall. I am so happy with it. There is room to add a few more pictures - which is good, since I don't have pictures up of some family members yet.

Here is my gallery wall so far -

I love it!


Carrie said...

It looks awesome, I love the black theme. I adore the key too! And the B, it just ties it all together so nicely!

Brenda said...

That is so neat, the black against the blue wall. Love the "B" and key as well. Is that a tray you hung, cool!