Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cabin Progress

A couple of weeks ago I wrote bout some work that was going to be done at our cabin. (here)
Then we left for our trucking adventure and weren't at the cabin for three weeks. We wondered how the work was coming along, and if we'd like it when we saw it. We were so excited to come up north and see it for ourselves. It almost felt like the day before Christmas.
And we weren't disappointed. This is what we saw when we opened the door:

Our stairway and landing is done, and it's exactly as we wanted it! See how the landing is as wide as the stair treads? And how that bottom step wraps around to meet the bench? And that the corners on the bottom step and landing match?
We still need to paint the risers and curtains after the sheetrock has been taped, and we need to finish the floor - either with concrete paint, or some kind of tile.

At the top of the steps is our family room, and that had been insulated but the walls and ceiling just had plastic over the insulation. Now the walls and ceiling are sheetrocked.

And now:

Here are a few more before and after pictures.


The next steps are: building a frame for the window seat in the bump out and installing it. Finishing the sheetrocking around that. And then, taping all the sheetrock. After the taping is finished we would like to put pine tongue in groove on the ceiling. You may ask, why did you sheetrock the ceiling if you're going to put up wood? One reason is so that the room is sealed - no insulation or outside air will get through. The second reason is strength - the sheetrock helps hold up the insulation. And the last reason is that we don't know exactly when we'll get the wood done and at least the ceiling is covered.
It looks like a whole different room with the sheetrock done and no furniture (except the TV, which we had to move there so we could watch it. Don't you love the cords all the way across the room?)

It is so much fun to see the progress!

PS - wonder what we did with the furniture?
Here it is:

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