Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Family Room - Before Pictures

A few weeks ago I posted my "To Do List" for 2012. #4 on the list is the family room at the cabin. I am so excited because the sheetrock has been purchased, and a friend of ours may start hanging it this week. So, in preparation for that, we moved all the furniture out of the room on Sunday. It was actually pretty cool seeing the bare room. I wish I had a friend who was an interior designer. I'd love some help with furniture placement once the room is finished.
Here's the way the room looks right now (kind of a 360 degree view):

The room is approximately 16 x 24. In the bump out (seen in the second picture) we are going to have a built in window seat. It's the size of a twin bed, so there will be drawers underneath as well as a trundle bed.
The walls will be sheetrocked. They will sheetrock the ceiling as well - but we will be putting wood on the ceiling over the sheetrock. We'd like to have a wide plank wood floor - we'll have to see how much we can stretch the budget. I should probably check Craigslist for deals on flooring, right?
We would like to put a wood stove in this room, and the TV needs to be in here, but I'm not sure where to put them, and how to arrange furniture. We think the wood stove maybe should go in the corner between the bump out and the windows (in pictures #2 and #3 - to the right of the bump out). But that's where we have the TV right now. So do we buy a flat screen TV and mount it to the left of the bump out? Or move our current TV to the corner in picture #1?
I can't wait to go up to the cabin this weekend and see if there's sheet rock up. Stay tuned for the after pictures!

Here's a picture of our entry now- there's going to be some minor changes to the landing on the stairs, and we need to finish painting the stairway risers and paint the cement floor (#14 on my to-do list). But I love how it looks so far!

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