Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cabin Update

Painting, painting, and more painting!

Here is our "game room/guest bedroom." This is the first room from the hallway and does not have doors to close it off, but can be used as a bedroom if we have lots of guests. We just put tension rods in the openings, and hang curtains. As you can see, we still need to do the ceiling, floor and trim work.

 And here is our official guest bedroom. Again, we need to finish the trim, ceiling and floor. It took me two tries to get the right green for the upper walls. The block on the lower half is painted a very light green. There is a ledge above the block, but it's hard to see because it's painted the same green as the upper wall. We hope to put a wood ledge on there this week. I found the rug at Home Depot this week, and I am really happy with it. It coordinates colors with this room, the hall and even the game room.

Finally, we are starting to paint the family room. It will be same color as the downstairs hallway and stairway wall.

 As you can see, there's still much work to be done - but the progress so far spurs us on!

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