Monday, July 16, 2012

Big Changes, Big God

It's been a long time since I written a blog. But there's a good reason....

I got a new job in a new town. We put our house on the market, and are moving to our cabin. Finally. After years of talking about it, praying about it, and wondering if we would ever actually do it. Here's what happened:

( I should tell you that for quite a while I have felt like I was in a holding pattern - just going through the motions, wondering if I was really doing what God wanted me to do. I had been praying about it.for about a year.)

Back in May we were up north for the weekend, and Craig saw an ad in the paper for a school secretary. He told me about it, and I read the ad. After a day or two I told him I didn't think I would apply. The job was in a very small school district, and I just didn't think it was what I wanted to do.
But I couldn't stop thinking about it. So I started praying about it.

The next weekend we were back up north, and we got together with our small group from church for lunch. So I told them all about the ad. A couple of the people already knew about it - and they all agreed that I should apply. "What do you have to lose?" they asked. "Trust in God. If He wants you to have the job, you will get it and it will be the right job for you."

The next day I wrote a cover letter, and rewrote my resume. The day after that I faxed it to the school district, and within 12 hours I got a call to set up an interview. Was I surprised! But not really - for this is the way God sometimes moves.
The next week I interviewed, and they week after that I was offered the job. And so the move began.

(I have to say that this was not an easy decision to make, to take this new job and make this move. I loved my job in the cities. I had been there 3 years and was just finally feeling comfortable and accepted. I liked our house, and especially our yard there. I liked being close to stores and restaurants, and not too far from our kids. But every time we came to the cabin I felt like I was home. I want to experience living there through all 4 seasons. I want to be involved in a church again. Most of all, I want to come home every night and spend the evening with Craig. I realized that I will still see my kids - after all, we're only moving 125 miles north.)

We put our house on the market, and began moving things to the cabin. After just 12 days we got an offer on our house which we accepted. In just two more weeks our house will be sold, and everything we have will be in one town.
(Isn't God amazing? He works out all the details!)
 We've had the cabin for 15 years - we've dreamed for almost the whole time of living there "someday." And that time is now.

Craig is so excited. My wonderful husband, who has worked so hard, so many long hours, long days of driving a semi, for so many years is ready to retire. He's tired of being gone, of traffic, and truck repairs, of fast food and very little sleep. With this new job for me he will be able to retire. We will be able to live on a lake up north.We will be able to get more involved in our church. We will be together. It's my time to work, and Craig's time to rest.

God is so good. When we wait on Him, when we pour out our hearts to Him, when we honor Him with our lives, our finances, our hearts, He pours out His blessings.

Two Sundays ago the pastor at our church spoke about how important it is to be refreshing to others - to offer them "a drink of water in Jesus' name." And I knew at that moment, that I am exactly where God wants me to be - I am to be that breath of fresh air, that drink of cool water, to the people I work with at my new job.

Big changes? Yes. But when those changes are God ordained, He gives us the strength, encouragement, and wisdom to move forward.

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