Saturday, January 12, 2013

Girls' Day and Collages

For the last year Craig and I have been part of a small group at church. Each month we have met with 3 other couples to share a meal , have devotions, and enjoy lots of conversation and laughter. In December the wives decided that we needed a girls' day. At first we talked of going to a resort and staying overnight. But then we said, why would we need to go anywhere else when we all live in the beauty that's up north? SO we made arrangements to get together on a Saturday - do an artistic activity and an activity that's good exercise.

Today was the day - and what a great day it was! I hosted Girls' Day because we have a great big room and a big table to work at. Therese is the artist in the group so she planned the art activity. We each made two collages and they turned out so cool! The first one we based on a memory of something good that someone said to us. After sharing the memories we went to work creating a collage that would in some way represent one of the memories shared. After a great lunch of soup, salad and cookies (Sue and Angie brought a wonderful salad, Therese made soup, and I made the cookies) we made a second collage. Therese read a poem to us and we could either make our collage from something the poem or we could do our own thing. The collages were amazing. Each one was unique. At first I didn't know if I was going to like making a collage - it was hard to me to start. I didn't really have a vision of the finished product. But I finally realized that it was okay to just start and then to figure it out as I went along.
We talked as we worked, and that was probably the very best part of the day - just spending time with three good friends. After we cleaned up the collage supplies, we all put on our winter gear and went for a walk. We walked and talked all the way to the end of the road and back - a good two mile walk! It was the perfect end to an absolutely wonderful day.

Here are my collages - I think I might even get them framed!

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Carrie said...

What a cool project - I am so glad you were able to have girls day!