Friday, January 11, 2013

Weekend Fun

Last weekend it was so nice outside that we just had to be out there. Craig has a pair of snowshoes he got for Christmas last year, and I got a pair this year for Christmas. So we put our snow gear on and took off across the lake. We walked all the way across the lake and began to explore the two creeks that run into the lake. One of the creeks had some open water. Craig got his snowshoe wet when the ice gave way, but fortunately that was all that got wet. He's got quick feet!

When we got back to our place we traded in our snowshoes for snow shovels and went back to the lake to shovel our little ice rink. We brought Percy to supervise :)

I needed a little rest after all that exercise and fresh air.

I love looking down to the lake and seeing our little rink down there. Now we just have to bring down a hockey net, and we can have a broom ball game!

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Carrie said...

Mardo never ended up getting to snowshoe - put that on the list for next year! :)