Saturday, March 30, 2013

Crocheted With Love

I wanted to make something for my new grandbaby that he could have for a long time, something that his momma could tell him was made by his Nana in Minnesota.  So I decided to get out my crochet hook and make a blanket. I had already made him an owl hat... and remembered how much I loved to crochet. I found a pattern online for the blanket. Then I made a visit to the great yarn shop in Outing and found just the right yarn. I finished the blanket just in time to pack it for my trip to Antigua, Guatemala.

Here's the blanket I made.

Micah seems to like his new blanket!

Thank you, Craig, for allowing me to spend most evenings crocheting so that I could finish the blanket.

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Carrie said...

The blanket is beautiful and will be such a special item for Micah!