Sunday, January 19, 2014

Soup Night

This week Craig and I decided to have some special snacks during the championship NFL football games, and to have homemade soup for supper. So when we went to the grocery store yesterday we took our recipes (all the recipes are Taste of Homes recipes) with us.
Here's what we had during football this afternoon:
hot chili dip with corn tortilla chips. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture, so here's the picture from Taste of Home. The dip was good, but tasted just like one I've made for years. The difference is that I made mine from scratch - and this dip uses a can of chili with beans. It's a good recipe if you need to throw something together in a hurry - but I think I will continue to make mine with hamburger, onions, black beans, salsa and Velveeta Cheese.

We also had carrots and spinach dip (store bought) and dry roasted peanuts.

Craig and I each wanted a different kind of soup for supper, so we picked out two recipes, and I made half of a recipe of each. Both turned out to be delicious, and not too labor intensive considering it's homemade soup.
First, here's Craig's choice: Veggie Chowder

We added raw, cubed Hubbard squash and reduced the amount of potatoes. I also added a stalk of celery, chopped, and two cloves of garlic. The recipe called for fresh mushrooms, but the fresh ones were too expensive, so we just used canned mushrooms. This soup was wonderful.

My choice was Lasagna Soup.

The only change I made on this one was that I added a cup of water and 1/2 cup of Ragu spaghetti sauce towards the end because I wanted more liquid.  After I dished up my soup I sprinkled Parmesan and mozzarella cheese on top. This soup was great too!

I will definitely save these recipes and use them again. And we have enough left over to have for lunches a couple of days this week :)

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