Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Eagles

This morning we watched an ice fisherman who was on the lake just out in front of our house. He seemed to be having good luck catching fish. It might be the last weekend for ice fishing. The ice is turning very dark. Puddles are beginning to appear, and I am hoping that it won't be long before the ice is gone. Spring is finally coming.

At lunchtime we looked out at the lake again. The ice fisherman was gone... but something else was out there. We grabbed the binoculars - and this is what we saw:

I wished that I had a better camera, with more zoom. I was afraid to go outside to get closer, I didn't want them to fly away. So I took this picture through the window (which still has plastic on it from winter) with my little Canon point and shoot camera.  These eagles were so big!  It was a such a precious gift to see them. I wondered, are they husband and wife? Are they by one of the holes the man had made this morning? Were they fishing too?
They stayed there quite a while and I didn't want to leave the window. Of course, as soon as I turned away to dish up lunch they flew away.
What a magnificent Creator God we have! He didn't stop at just one kind of bird or one kind of animal, but created all kinds of beautiful things! Living up north I have many more opportunities to see God's creations in their natural habitat. From these eagles to the loons, hummingbirds and goldfinches who visit in the summer, the whitetail deer who have been visiting us this winter, and the red squirrels and chipmunks in the yard, I am thankful for them all.
Spring is coming, and soon the eagles won't have ice to land on, but I hope they'll be around so we can enjoy them in the air, or landing in one of our trees!