Friday, February 6, 2015

TIle Coasters - an easy DIY project

Last weekend we had our annual Scrap and Craft time at church. I was asked to plan a couple of make-and-take projects. I quickly found two card ideas, but I also wanted another craft. So I went to my favorite place, Pinterest and finally found this tile coaster project. I tried one at home, and it turned out well - not quite like the picture (does anything turn out just like the picture?), but I liked the end result.
So I bought more supplies: tiles at Menard's (for only 12 cents each!), sharpie pens, rubbing alcohol, spray fix and spray, clear acrylic, and pads for the bottoms.
The ladies at Scrap and Craft had a good time making these. The tiles were a bit time consuming, just because of the time needed for each step to dry, but everyone liked trying something new.
Here are the tiles I made. I think they'd make good gifts, don't you?

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