Monday, April 13, 2015

Family Weekend

At the end of my Spring Break week was the best weekend ever - time spent with our kids and grandkids! We spent Friday afternoon and evening with our daughter,Carrie, and our grandson, Micah. On Saturday we picked them up and went to a robotics competition where my son-in-law (Carrie's husband, Mardo) was a coach. 

The robotics competition was so interesting! Teams of high school students had designed, built and programmed robots to perform the tasks necessary for the competition. Then the teams made alliances with other teams so that both could score more points during competition. Finally, with 3 teams on each side of the "ring" the robots (with the students directing them by remote control) raced against time to score as many points as possible. When the teams weren't competing they were in the "Pit", working on their robot or talking with spectators.  It sure was fun to see it all!

When we left the competition, Carrie took us to the Midtown Global Market for lunch. 
There was quite a bit to see at the market, and it reminded me of Antigua, Guatemala. 

I fell in love with this giraffe...

.....while Craig really liked this gas pump.

But the we both loved the food. After looking at all the food booths, we decided to eat Mexican. Carrie said that Mardo gave this place his "stamp of approval" when they had eaten here a few weeks earlier. He said that the food tasted like authentic Mexican food.

I decided to order the enchilada platter. Craig ordered the torta, a Mexican style sandwich. Everything was delicious!


Later that afternoon we went to our meet our boys and their girlfriends for supper and a MN Wild hockey game on TV. We met them at our son's (Aaron) house and had a super evening.

Sunday was Easter. We started off the day by visiting our oldest son's church.  Brenton and Stephanie met us there. Brenton and his son, Andrew,  were volunteering in the nursery - so Micah stayed in there with them. Stephanie had gone to the earlier service, so after saying hello to us she, Jacob and Isabelle went home to start lunch. After church we all went back to their home - and Aaron, Jeff and their girlfriends met us there. We had a wonderful lunch - but the best part was having the whole family together. It was fun watching Isabelle give Micah an Easter egg hunt. It was great watching Jacob and Andrew play outside. It was so nice to see the "girls" - Stephanie, Carrie, Whitney, and Jamie- talk as they got the food ready, and to see Brenton, Aaron, Jeff and Mardo hanging out together. 

I just love being with my grown up children (and their spouses/girlfriends.) I am so thankful for the adults they've become. I appreciate their advice, enjoy their humor, love the fact that they care about each other, and most of all, I am so happy that they all are believers. They trust God, they pray and they believe in the power of prayer, and they are working at being the men and women that God wants them to be.

I  also love my grandchildren. They are beautiful kids, they are talented, they are loving, and they have great relationships with their parents.  

We ended the afternoon with a walk around Brenton and Stephanie's neighborhood. It was nice to be able to be outside together without needing boots, gloves, snow pants, etc. 

The perfect weekend after a perfect week. I am sorry it's over - but I have great memories because I have a great family! I am already looking forward to our next family gathering.... maybe on the 4th of July?

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Carrie said...

It sure was a fun weekend!