Thursday, April 9, 2015

Spring Vacation

A lot of people travel somewhere for spring break, but they usually go by car or by plane. Last week I took some time off for a spring break too.... but I went by semi. Actually, my choice of vacation for spring break was to be with my husband as he worked, driving a semi to Alabama to deliver a load and then bring another load back.

We hit a little rain. The mist off the road after the rain was amazing.

 We went through quite a few cities. The view sure is different when you're riding in a semi. (And it's hard to take pictures when you're going down the road at 65 mph!)

We stopped at a cool rest area in Mississippi.

The weather was beautiful when we got to Alabama to unload. I walked our dog, Percy, while Craig checked in at the receiving dock.

We spent a lot of time just talking as we went down the road - sharing favorite memories, hopes for the future, talking about our kids and grandkids, talking about God and His Word and how good He has been to us. It was a great week!

We got back to the cities in time to spend the weekend with our family. Stay tuned for more on that...........

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Carrie said...

What a great vacation!