Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Verdict on the Truck Is In

Craig and his mechanic friend, Lonnie, tore the truck engine apart yesterday to see what's making the noises Craig heard on his way home from Illinois. Here is what they found: The cam shaft needs to be replaced. It needs a new head gasket. The radiator is old and needs to be rebuilt. Various other parts are getting worn and need to be replaced. The verdict: the engine needs to be rebuilt. Cost? About $10,000. We've decided that he should go ahead and rebuild it. The truck is good, the engine itself is good - just worn , and he likes driving this truck. It would cost about $80,000 to buy another used truck - with no guarantees that that truck wouldn't need repairs. So the repairs will be a great tax deduction/business expense. And the truck should run for many more years before needing anything else this major.
Craig has also decided to stay with Autumn Transport until God provides something else. There isn't really another job he'd rather do. He doesn't really want to drive in Mpls. traffic anymore even though he doesn't like being gone now.
Finally, the blessing for Craig about working on his truck with Lonnie is that he found out that Lonnie has become a Christian and is on fire for the Lord. they are having a good time in fellowship while they're up to their elbows in truck parts and grease.

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