Sunday, April 15, 2007

Oh What a Beautiful Morning

I feel like singing that song from the musical, Oklahoma.
Today was such a beautiful day here. Craig made fried potatoes and eggs for breakfast before taking off in his semi. Yes, he is finally back on the road. I talked to him at suppertime and he said the truck is running great. Thank You, God!
I have had a great day today. First I went to church and it was a good time of worship plus a VERY challenging message on pride and how much God hates pride. The Bible says He abhors it. The pastor ended his message by asking us to fast and pray this week, asking God to show us the pride in our own lives so that we can confess it and humble ourselves.
After church I spent a delightful afternoon with my friend, Michelle. We did a little shopping (I found a couple of great deals at Kohls) and then went to Starbucks for some coffee and a bit to eat. We even got to sit outside because it was so nice out.
Tonight when I got home I watered out new white pines and then went for a bike ride. It's been a beautiful day!

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Carrie B said...

So are you going to fast? Or fast from something? (not necessarily food)