Thursday, April 5, 2007

Spring Break

This week I am on vacation for spring break. On Saturday afternoon Craig and I drove up north. I thought we were staying at the cabin until Monday but we didn't come home until today (Thursday.) It was a relaxing time up north. Craig spent a lot of time at his shop -"putsing" around. I had brought up my rubber stamping stuff and I made 31 cards in two days. It was fun, but I got cabin fever by the end of the second day. Part of the reason was because on Tuesday we had a snow storm. I couldn't believe it. It snowed and the wind blew ALL DAY!! We ended up getting somewhere between 7-11 inches of snow.
We watched the opening home games of the MN Twins. It was fun to watch baseball again, and the Twins swept Baltimore. Winning is always more fun to watch.
We had supper at Craig's mom's house Monday night. She made Lloyd's barbeque ribs and some No-Name ribs. We like Lloyd's better. Our great niece and nephew were both there - staying with her. It was fun to be with them for the evening.
On Wednesday we drove over to Esko, MN to talk with a trucking company about a possible job. The roads were kind of icy going over, but it just felt good to be out and about again. By the time we drove back most of the ice/snow on the roads had melted.
Today we drove home. I dropped Craig off at the shop where his truck is being fixed. The motor is back in it - that's a good thing! He should be able to go back to work with it on Monday.
I came home and went through the mail and made phone calls. Then I went up to see my grandchildren. It was so good to be there. Andrew is starting to walk along the furniture already. He is full of smiles. Jake had a new dinosaur to play with, and I helped Izzy put a puzzle together. I got lots of hugs and kisses from all three. It was great!
So tomorrow is my last day of true vacation. What am I going to do? Run errands, visit our tax man, do laundry... lots of fun stuff.
Vacation has been good, but I've realized something. I miss my job. I miss all the people I get to talk with each day. It's too quiet here at home.
Craig and I talked a lot this week about his job. We decided that we need to accept the fact that he has to be gone every week. We can't keep complaining about the company he's working for, or the times he has to wait to get loaded, or the empty miles he drives. Until God brings another job along, we need to be positive and trust Him.
One final thought - I read a book this week by Harold Bell Wright called The Least of These My Brothers. It's about how a city is changed when Christians begin living their beliefs, not just going to church on Sundays or participating in church groups as if they're social clubs. This book really started me thinking. What can I do to show my belief in Jesus Christ? What should I be doing? Is there a ministry somewhere near by that I can becomed involved with that really meets the needs of people and points the way to the cross? I need to do some research and find out where I can begin to serve Christ.

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