Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wonderful Wednesday

I am amazed at the human mind- what we can learn and do - the inventions men have made, the great strides in medicine and science and technology. And then there's music - how can one man write an opera or a symphony? How have we figured out how to graft plants to create new flowers and trees? The list is endless.
Then try to comprehend the mind of God. We are made in His image, but our minds, great though they are, are as a grain of sand compared to the mind of God. We are creative because He is the creator. We have learned a lot about medicine - He is the healer. We invent things - He made everything!

And this whole thought came because I got timers for my garden hoses so my garden and grass won't die while I'm on vacation. I am so thankful that someone made these timers - especially because it never seems to rain here. I thank God when it rains, and I thank Him for giving peole the ability to create the garden hoses and timers for when it doesn't rain.


Maxine said...

Hope your time on vacation is good. Sorry I haven't been here for a while. The mindof God--quite a topic. We can be so thankful for the abilities he gives to man, whether acknowledged or not. Glad for our timer.

Carrie B said...

Update when you are not at the cabin, ok?