Saturday, July 28, 2007

Back from vacation

I am finally back home, and I am glad to say that it feels good to be home. I spent most of the month of July up at our cabin. Craig and I had a week up there together over July 4th. Then he went back to work and I came home one day a week to check on the mail, cut the grass, and pay bills before heading back up north. Craig was able to bring the truck up there almost every weekend so that I did not have to meet him at home. I ended the month by having my girlfriend, Michelle, come up for a couple of days. We spent our time talking, going out on the lake, talking some more, reading, going out for ice cream, and talking. It was a great time.
It was a good month. Craig and I enjoyed working around the cabin together. We spent time out on the lake, and made many meals together on our Weber grill. We had Brenton and Steph and the grandkids up one weekend and we enjoyed sharing our love of the cabin with them. Aaron came up for a night, and Jeff stopped over one weekend too. We had fun playing cribbage and ladder golf with Aaron. When I was up there by myself I worked hard on Carrie's scrapbook (which I should have had done a month ago). I made some cards. I stained the outside of the cabin and our picnic house with the help of my mother-in-law. I did some painting inside the cabin too. I read several good books, including The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks and In An Instant by Lee & Bob Woodruff. My mother-in-law lives up there and she had me over for several meals. After we ate we'd watch the MN Twins on tv.I did some growing this month. I learned that I can be up there by myself and do okay. I learned that I needed to lean on the Lord when I felt lonely. And I learned that I do better when I have a routine to follow or tasks to be done. It was hardest when I didn't have specific plans. I learned that I can't fix my kids' problems now that they are adults- all I can do is pray for them and realize that God loves them even more than I do so He will be with them through their trials. I learned to pray instead of worry. Finally, I learned to be thankful for each day and to try to enjoy it.
I woke up at the cabin last Thursday and said to myself, "It's time to go home." I packed the car, said goodbye to the cabin, and came home.
So now I am looking forward to going back to work on August 1. I have had a good vacation, and I feel rested and re-energized. I am so thankful that God has given me: a job where I get time offin the summer, a beautiful cabin up north, and a wonderful family to share it with.

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