Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Great Evening for Sports

Last night was a great night to watch sports on TV. First we watched the MN Twins beat the Yankees, with Joe Maurer hitting his first homerun of the season. Then we watched the Stanley Cup hockey game between Detroit and Pittsburgh. We only stayed up to watch the first overtime period. What a game! Detroit is unbelievable - they just keep coming, they don't let Pittsburgh through the neutral zone let alone into their end, and they keep shooting the puck. However, I wanted Pittsburgh to win. I guess I'm cheering on the underdog?
Anyways, as soon as I woke up this morning I had to turn on ESPN to find out who won. It made my day to see that Pittsburgh won in triple overtime! I'm so glad that there will be at least one more game to watch. So even though my boys aren't playing hockey anymore, I guess I still have a love for hockey!

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Maxine said...

I'm sorry that the Twins beat my Yankees but glad you enjoyed the game. I'm a long time Yankee fan, but have been following the Phillies for quite a few years now since I live in the Phila. area. We've been enjoying and rooting for them. My daughter knows all the players.
We watched the end of the hockey game while in bed so I knew before getting up. I don't understand hockey so well, but my husband does and my daughter is rooting for Pittsburgh also.
I agree. Sports can be much fun.