Saturday, August 9, 2008

Holy Spirit Moment

Yesterday as I was driving home I was thinking about my summer - and thinking about all the yardwork we've done. We've planted trees and shrubs, fertilized and cut the grass, put in a vegetable garden, planted flowers, and picked weeds and more weeds. Just about every night you could see me outside walking around either watering or weeding. I've read articles on how to have a green lawn and how often to water my trees. Everything I've read says to water things deeply. That's because you want the roots of the trees,plants, grass to go down deep. That way they'll get well established. And then it hit me- that is exactly what God wants us to do. He wants us to go deep into His Word and get established, rooted in Him. If we just water plants lightly then the roots will stay near the surface. The plants will be easily uprooted, and much more affected by heat. But if their roots go down deep they stay alive no matter what the weather. One special note about grass - when your grass is really healthy and growing it keeps the weeds from coming in. So, in spiritual terms, when I am keeping myself watered with God's Word it will be much much harder for weeds to crop up in my life- like the weeds jealousy, greed, lying, gossip, etc. I need to make time every day to drink deeply from God's Word - not just a minute here or there, but time to read, meditate on the Word, and pray. And if I do that, then the storms of life will not be able to uproot me. When times of drought come I will be able to survive.
When I shared these thoughts with my husband, he said "Honey, that was the Holy Spirit teaching you that." Thank you, Jesus, for sending the Holy Spirit to be my teacher!

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