Monday, August 11, 2008


"You only love Christ as much as the one you love the least."
I heard this on a Focus on the Family broadcast and it blew me away. Stop and think about it. The annoying neighbor, the crabby coworker, a relative, a person on the street. Who is it in your life that you have a hard time loving? I was humbled when I thought about the people who I don't love. Does that really mean I don't love Christ? May it never be! So I need to start right now to love as Jesus loved - to love as God loves me.I'm going to start by praying for people that I am having a hard time loving,and I think that praying for them will help to change my attitude about them. Will you join me?

(Guy Doud was the speaker. I highly recommend that you listen to his talk - it's on CD and DVD through Focus on the Family - the CD is called "Teacher of the Year" and the DVD is called "Molder of Dreams.")

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