Monday, January 12, 2009

My Cabin- Part Two

We just got back from another wonderful weekend at the cabin. We finished our project in the entry way, and it is gorgeous! It makes me excited to keep going and finish more of the cabin's interior.
I have to confess, however, that I got so caught up in the planning, purchasing materials, and beginning the work that I forgot to take "before" pictures. Here are some during and after pictures. I just love figuring out how to do things and using power tools to get it done. Most of the time I cut the wood with the compount mitre saw and Craig uses the table saw. (The table saw does scare me a little - especially since a piece of wood flew up from one when we were working on Craig's mom's house a couple of years ago and hit him in the mouth. It took out three teeth!)

This weekend we also hung curtains in the dining room and I love them! We used a steel pipe as the curtain rod (to save money - it does pay to watch HGTV!) This summer when it is warm out I will spray paint it black.


Stephanie Balvin said...

It looks gorgeous and so different, I can't wait to see it this summer!

Stephanie Balvin said...
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caeb said...

Looks good!

Maxine said...

Indeed, this is a beautiful place! How wonderful that you have such a place to go to.