Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I want to be an electrician!

This past weekend Craig and I were at the cabin. We had wonderful weather - warm days, cool nights. We ate our meals in our picnic house, had some great campfires, and went biking. Craig got in some time at his shop too. But my favorite part of the weekend was working with Craig on our mudroom. Our furnace is finally complete, so we were able to build a wall to separate the mudroom from the hallway. We framed in the wall, complete with doorway, and sheetrocked it. We created a coat closet. And, we wired in two lights and three way switches. Using a wiring book I was able to figure out how to wire the switches so that we can walk in the door from the hall and turn on the light, then turn it off as you go out the door to the garage. It's so cool!
I really wish I had taken shop classes in high school. I really like working on the cabin - using our compound mitre saw, laser level, and nail gun. I like figuring out how to do each of the projects we've done. Of course it's even better when Craig and I do it together!

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