Monday, April 12, 2010

Great new book

I just finished a great new book called, Forget Me Not by Vicki Hinze.
It was one of those special books that I could not put down until I read the whole book.

Benjamin Brandt is the owner of the Crossroads Crisis center, but he hasn't stepped foot in the building in three years - since his wife and son were murdered. He blames himself for their deaths, because he didn't keep them safe, and he has been trying to find their killers.

A mysterious woman shows up badly beaten at the Crisis Center one day. She does not remember who she is, but she looks remarkably like Ben's deceased wife. She does not remember much except her faith. Together, she and Ben keep uncovering connections between her life and his wife's and the more they find out the more they are both in danger.

The book is a must read if you like suspense. I really liked how the author wove into the story the importance of faith in God without watering down the plot. Little by little details are revealed but you must read the entire book to really understand the whole story. It was great!

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Vicki Hinze said...

Nana, thank you so much for your lovely review of FORGET ME NOT. I'm so glad you read it and enjoyed it.

I love your five minute prayer as well.


Vicki Hinze