Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wastebasket Revue

Each year the employees and friends of the Osseo School District put on a production called Wastebasket Revue to raise money for scholarships. This year is my fourth year in the show. I'm in a group called the Swingin' Eds, and we sing 12 songs in the show. Each song is choreographed, and it's so much fun! We do 7 performances between this week and next - so it's a busy time. I have made new friends through Swingin Eds, and have had a chance to perform again like I did with a group called Music N Motion back in high school. What's a bonus is that it's for a good cause - helping high school seniors in the Osseo school district go to college.I am impressed by the dedication of over 200 cast members to put on a quality show - and they have so much fun while they are doing it!
If you're looking for something fun to do this weekend or next, why not check out Wastebasket Revue?


Carrie B said...

Make sure you get the DVD!

Caeb said...

Your blog is struggling...update please!