Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Speical Phone Calls

I just love it when my granddaughter calls me.
Izzy loves to talk on the phone. She loves to call and tell me her news - and I love hearing it. Last week my cell phone rang. I looked at the screen and it my son's name was there. So I answered but no one was there. I said hello again, and once more. Finally I heard a little voice say, "Andrew, I don't know who I called." It was Izzy. So I said, "Hi Izzy, it's Nana Kris" and she explained that she was trying to call the neighbors but couldn't read yet so she had picked the wrong number. It was so cute! We talked for a few minutes. She told me about the babysitter that was there, and how their dog Manny wasn't getting along with Lucia (a dog they were watching for their Uncle Jason). That phone call made my day.
Tonight our home phone rang. It was Izzy. She said, "Guess what, Nana!" I said, "what" and she told me that she lost her first tooth. I asked how it happened and she told me that her Daddy pulled it out. I said, "Did it hurt?" and she said, "a little bit" and then she asked for Papa Craig. Losing her first tooth was big news and she wanted to tell everyone. I am so glad that she wants to share her big news with me.
Keep those calls coming - I always have time to talk to my grandchildren!

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Miss Carrie said...

Oh, cute! I miss those calls.