Wednesday, October 27, 2010


This morning Percy followed me around as I got ready for work. Right before leaving I put him in his crate. I could hear him crying as I went into the garage to get my car. It reminded me of all the times the kids cried when I'd leave them in the church nursery or with a babysitter. But just as they got usedto it, and learned that I always came back to get them - so will Percy learn that I will always come back.
When I got home he was so excited to see me. We went for a walk and he loved it. He was very good during the walk - he kept up quite a fast pace. Walking him will be good exercise for me.
Jeff came over for supper tonight- to eat my cooking and to meet Percy. Percy loved the attention he got from Jeff.
After walking with me and playing with Jeff he's all tuckered out.

These aren't great pictures, but here's Percy.

Carrie-I realized that he does look like a schnauzer sometimes. Sorry! But he has such a loving personality, and his color is unique- not like most schnauzers. His looks will be affected by how he is clipped too.We won't let the hair on his face get long and straggly.


Stephanie Balvin said...

He's so cute! I am so glad that you won't be alone at night anymore. Dogs are the good friends aren't they!?

Miss Carrie said...

Thanks for the pictures - I will have to see him in person. I am glad you are enjoying it.

Great picture of Jeff!

Maxine said...

I LOVE doggies and this one is absolutely adorable. I particuarly like his color!