Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rundown of My Day

My son, Brenton, blogged about his day. It got me to thinking - what did I do yesterday?
So here is the rundown of my day yesterday:
Got up
washed hair
got dressed
fed dog
dried hair
took dog for walk
put on make-up
made lunch
had devotions
put dog in kennel
drove to work
worked 9 hours (too many little tasks to mention)
during lunch break ran to Target to pick up husband's prescription
drive home
took dog for walk
fed dog
made and ate dinner
washed clothes
watched TV with dog
took dog for short walk
cleaned 2 bathrooms
cleaned out closet in guest room (necessitated many trips up and down stairs)
went through mail
watched HGTV
took dog for one last walk before bed
worked in craft room on some cards
talked to husband on phone
read in bed
went to sleep

As I look at the list I realize that I did more than I thought. But it also showed that, other than interacting with people at work, I spend a lot of my day with just Percy (the dog) for company. Should I be calling and talking to friends more? Should I be reaching out to neighbors? As winter approaches and there is so much less daylight, I find that I just want to go home and stay home after work. What is the right balance for me - and how am I/should I be serving God with my time?

1 comment:

Carrie said...

1. You walk Percy a LOT!
2. Enjoy the alone time, because pretty soon there will be 4 people around! (at least in December)