Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lesson on a dark night

Tonight, as always, I was walking Percy - my dog.

The roads were a bit slick - and there was mushy snow in spots.

I was walking along, being careful of where I stepped, and I talked to God.

I was sharing my worries and anxious thoughts.

I poured it all out to Him, and kept walking - watching the road.

All of a sudden I looked up - and God spoke into my heart.

I saw the vastness of the dark sky. I saw the beautiful stars twinkling over my head.

And God said, "See the stars that I have made? I know how many there are. I made them.

Stop looking at the slush in your life, the icy spots where you might slip. Look up. See Me. Let me take care of the ice and slush."

Thank you, God! I will try to keep my eyes on You.

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