Sunday, February 27, 2011

My DIY Projects - part 1

Last month Carrie and I began our DIY projects with a visit to the wonderful shops in Buffalo. I was looking for a couple of benches to use as window seats at the cabin. (Percy,my dog, loves to look out the window but he's too little to stand on the floor and look out.)

Here's the second bench I found (for just $20!) I found some fabric on sale and recovered the seat. I had planned to repaint it, but the distressing looks so good I think I'll leave it as it is. Now we just have to take it up to the cabin. Percy will love sitting on it to watch the squirrels!
*The first bench I found is still waitng to be refinished. Watch for it in a future post.

While I was shopping for benches Carrie was looking for frames to make a wall of frames in the apartment she plans to have in Guatemala. She found several super cute ones.

She got me to thinking about frames. So a couple of weeks later when we went shopping at the thrift stores in Elk River I found this metal frame. I took out the glass and added cork.

I have had such fun reading the blogs of other DIY bloggers, like Tatertots And Jello, Imperfectly Polished, Young House Love,
and many others. I have been so inspired. So when I saw the idea for this plate I just had to try it. I found the plate at Target, got stickers and ribbon on sale at Michael's and put it all together. I love how it turned out. I probably won't keep it up all year, but it makes a perfect decoration for the month of February. Isn't it cute?

8. Brenton, Jeff and Aaron calling just to see how I'm doing
9. Sharing my love of crafts with Carrie
10. Finding the right benches to make into window seats
11. Moonlight on the snow
12. The smell of vanilla caramel Coffeemate in my coffee
13. The softness of Percy's fur just after he was groomed
14. Chicken and gravy over mashed potatoes