Monday, March 7, 2011

Things that make me smile

Do you have things around you that just make you smile?

Two weeks ago we were at the dollar store and I found a little flower in a pot that is solar powered. It wiggles back and forth when in the light. I just had to buy it. I have it on my desk at work, and not only does it make me smile, it makes others who come into my office smile.

I saw this post about a white vase, and last Friday I found one at an occasional shop. Sarah paid $5 for hers, but she had to paint it. I paid $9 but mine was already white. So now it sits on my diningroom table with flowers in it that my husband sent me for my birthday. I'd post a picture, but it's night time and the lighting just isn't good enough.

Here's something else that makes me smile- the new arrangement on the wall above my dresser. My daughter helped me with it. Every time I walk in the bedroom I smile. I found the metal candle holder at another occasional shop last weekend too.
(Occasional shops are second hand shops and specialty shops that are only open one weekend a month.)
I am having so much fun finding things or rearranging things to make my decorating more interesting. It's fun to search for things that make me smile.

Watch for a few more things in a future post :)
What makes you smile?
29. Being able to read
30. Praying for friends
31. Playing Wii Fit with Carrie
32. Having a Wii Fit age of 41!
33. Releasing my worries at Yoga class
34. Having Percy snuggle by me
35.The stillness of early morning