Friday, June 17, 2011

DIY Projects Now and Future

I promised my daughter some pictures of what I'm working on now. Last weekend I picked up a couple of things at a garage sale:
I'm not sure what I will use the wooden pot for yet, but the price was too good to resist.
The black coffee table is going to become a window seat bench. I'll post an "after" picture once it's done.
Here are a couple more smaller projects:

My daughter started painting this canvas when she was home earlier this spring. She painted the stripes.
I have added the flags but the canvas needs a word or something else to complete it. Any suggestions?

I was inspired to make this frame after seeing this blog.
I am trying out a few other colors, paper and embellishments on other frames. I'll try to put up some pics of those when they're done.
It was really my daughter, Carrie, who inspired me to get back to crafting. When she was home this winter we made many DIY projects together, shared ideas and talked about blogs we'd read that had ideas for crafts, decorating and recipes. I can't wait to see the projects that Carrie makes on her own, and to share ideas and inspiration with her in the future.


Carrie said...

First, I love the canvas!!! Can't wait to see it when it's completely done.

And the frame is adorable too.

Can't wait to see how you transform the bench :)

kris said...

You didn't give me any help on what else to put on the canvas!!

Carrie said...

Maybe a happy word in the write stripe below, like on the right side...

joy ... smile ... hope ...

Something like that maybe?

With like, cutesy letters.