Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Week's Work

A couple of nights last week I actually had time to sit down and indulge my crafting passion - card making. It takes so long to get going - to get out everything I need, to decide what stamps, paper, etc to use, and to come up with a design. I really should make multiple cards of the same design, because it goes much faster after the first one.
Here are the five cards I made - before you think, only five cards? You must realize that I only had two eveings, only 2-3 hours per evening, and in addition to card making I was doing laundry, moving sprinklers around the yard, and taking Percy for walks.
Which card do you like the best?

 The stamps and paper for these first four cards are from Stampin' Up. In the last card, below, the stamps are from other companies, but I know you could get similar ones from stampin' up too.

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