Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankfulness - a daily attitude

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. A national holiday. A day when most businesses are closed, and families and friends gather to eat and spend time together. But how many will really take the time to say thank you - to someone else, or to God?

Colossians 3:15b says, "...and be thankful." (NAS) In the Message is says to cultivate thankfulness.
As Christians we are called to be thankful...and for me it starts with the realization that absolutely everything I have, everything I am, even each breath I take - everything is from God. And then I think about how selfish I am, how sinful I am, and yet God loves me so much He gave up His Son for me. Since I have accepted Him as Lord of my life He calls me His child. He allows me to experience everlasting life - here on earth, and when I go to be with Him some day. Now that's a lot to be thankful for!

So, as I wake up each morning, I start my day thanking God - for a new day,for a good night's sleep, for my life, my family, my friends, and my health. I thank Him for his goodness and His love. At the end of the day I again thank Him for my day, and for His presence with me. And during the day I try to be aware of His provision, the blessings He brings my way, the protection He gives me, the ways He is teaching me. I am trying to be thankful all day long.

We are called to be thankful - but it's not just about being thankful to God. We need to be thankful to the others around us. When we stop being selfish, when we stop being me-centered, we can see how other people bless us each day, and we can thank them. You never know what a simple, "thank you!" can mean to the overworked clerk at the grocery store, or to a co-worker who feels unnoticed or unappreciated. Our spouse needs to know that we appreciate him/her. Our children need to see us modeling thankful hearts.

Let's begin tomorrow, on Thanksgiving Day, to cultivate thankfulness and to make it a daily attitude, a daily part of our lives.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Brenda said...

I liked how you said you are trying to be aware during the day. Awareness requires looking beyond ourselves and our needs to see others hopefully as Christ sees them. And in our busy-ness of life that sometimes takes practice!